Combining years of experience in all facets of visual production, Silent Owl Films is an animation and video production house with capabilities well beyond its lean setup. We’re the right solution to businesses, studios, and agencies looking for one-source solution to multitude of production woes.

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A vision hatched before and during an epic two-week journey to the west Fjords of Iceland, Silent Owl Films took shape when Ville Pakarinen and Abhijeet Sawant decided to combine their many years' worth of industry experience working for several studios and agencies; maybe it was the fresh Atlantic air clarifying their thinking, but the guys had been struck by the same exact idea: we’re ready to take on bigger challenges and take charge creatively.


Abhi’s CGI background working as an animator and a generalist at Nopia animation studio was the perfect compliment to Ville’s experience working as a director of photography in live action productions; this combination of expertise and natural talents was made all the more clear by the fact that Ville had also worked as a freelance CGI artist (at Nopia among others), while Abhi had been working on his live action films and photography.


You beginning to catch the drift? Basically, two guys not willing to be bound by too strict labels when it comes to creative drive and exploration of what’s possible. But if you want to label them, you can use the short hand: directors.

Abhijeet Sawant


“Visual mastermind” are oft-uttered words by people who come to contact with Abhi’s work; that work has spanned clients like PlayStation, Finnair, and Grey Goose, among many others. After his bachelor's at RUBIKA, Pune, Abhi’s desire for real world challenges took him to an unlikely place at Nopia animation studio in Finland. There, he quickly became a trusted member of the team, delivering world-class animation work to clients in London and New York. Never shy to expand his skill set, Abhi honed his eye behind the camera, eventually releasing a short film "Pori" of his experience living in Finland; this landed him in the local newspapers in addition of receiving tens of thousands of views. Abhi's short "Journey Called Life" ended up in the official selection of film festivals.


Ville Pakarinen


Multidisciplinary would be an understatement when describing Ville; writing, directing, shooting, VFX, 3D and more, there's method to his madness. Ville’s path in video, VFX and 3D has landed him work at studios and agencies such as Untold Studios and Bray Leino, London, Brink and TBWA, Helsinki, among others. Starting as a freelance 3D-visualizer for clients like the city of Helsinki and Fazer, Ville transitioned to live action working as a cinematographer in an EU-financed film spanning five countries. This opened doors to more work as a director of photography in advertising. Color grading his own work, Ville developed a keen eye to color, adding it to his storytelling toolset. Traveling Europe for over a year, Ville got the chance to work as a photographer for Ceska Pojistovna, one of Czech Republic's biggest insurance companies.

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